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Company Overview

We stand out as a firm since we offer a lot more than anticipated by our clients & all under one roof. It certainly is a one stop shop.

We are a team of highly skilled Professionals catering to our domain to bring you all in one Corporate Services Right from Legal to HR to Accounting to Website development with SEO Marketing smooth running of your Company.

We provide detailed guidance in formation of a firm to running of the business with Digital Marketing & Social Media Marketing as an added advantage. With the world constantly and rapidly changing, the future is full of realigned priorities. At RDC, we press on looking for sustainable growth, staying in shape and preparing for a new landscape. Partnering with our clients, we develop tailored and thorough recommendations in collaboration with sector and technical experts, bringing among the best minds from across the vast RDC network.

By working in multi-disciplinary teams, we deliver holistic thinking and insights helping clients in transforming their organization, no matter what their primary challenges are - from improving performance, increase productivity, optimizing risk, legal advises as necessary, development & growth of the organization & its team, restructuring their operations or seizing new opportunities.